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Insurance is an essential component of the process of moving and delivery. Insurance ensures that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, you are partially or fully return the value of the transported goods. No amount of money can not replace family values ​​that got you inherited from relatives, however, we recommend that you insure the move. Millions of reasons can cause damage to your valuables, including natural factors and accidents.

When transporting the furniture, even if you are insured as the owner of the property, it is also recommended to choose insurance option move. The insurance covers the owner of the real estate objects of insurance only when they are inside the house, but not in transit. Some insurance policies include coverage allows individual items.

During the transportation of goods by sea or air freight forwarder has no direct control over the security of the content. While the goods are in stock at the warehouses or one of our agents for international transport, they are under the influence of time-unlimited storage coverage. Always necting goods at their replacement value in the destination country.

Our solutions for cargo insurance and loss prevention will protect your goods during transport. Cargo insurance covers losses and / or damage to the carriage of goods from one point to another. Transportation can be by sea, by air or by road. Politicians are adapted to meet the individual needs of the shipper. The coating can be provided for all or certain types of risk of danger.


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